Why I made the switch from Fish Oil to Krill Oil

Krill Oil – Buyer Beware


Krill Oil – Buyer Beware!

When I see Krill Oil advertised by highly paid sportsmen and TV show celebrities I get concerned, Krill Oil – Buyer Beware…

How does the manufacturer make money from the product when they are paying out thousands in advertising?

This leads me to do some research and sure enough what I have found is the product itself contains less Krill Oil than other brands.

So these companies who have large advertising budgets recoup this money by producing inferior products.

Krill Oil – Buyer Beware – Comparisons

Let me show you what I mean…

Swisse Wild Krill Oil advertised by high profile sports people only contains:

  • 333.33mg of Krill Oil

Nature’s Way Super Krill Oil advertised by TV celebrities only contains:

  • 335mg of Krill Oil

Compared to the Krill Oil I personally use contains:

  • 500mg of Krill Oil

And a quick warning… don’t be fooled into purchasing 1000mg or 1500mg Krill Oil because more than likely it will be more than you require, therefore you will be wasting your money. With Krill Oil 500mg you can have extra when required and then reduce it back to 500mg for a maintenance dosage.

Krill Oil – Buyer Beware – Benefits

So what benefit do I get?

I personally only take 1 tablet per day compared to 5 fish oil tablets per day and I get even better results.

So before you buy Krill Oil, make sure you check out the ingredients before purely buying on price because it may cost you more in the long run.

Krill Oil – Buyer Beware – Who do I use?

I have used Swisse Wild Krill Oil, I searched the internet and found Prograde Krill Oil which was good but very expensive. Recently I have made the switch to a new brand that is as good as Prograde but far less expensive.

To read more about the Krill Oil I personally use simply click here. The Krill Miracle


Good Health to You!


Nathan Daniell
Krill Oil Reviewer

P.S. I hope my Krill Oil – Buyer Beware article has been helpful in your search to find the best Krill Oil supplements for you.